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Top 6 Small Wedding Venues In Ottawa For An Intimate Celebration!

Feb Cortes
Feb Cortes
A couple getting wed in Ottawa.


Fancy a small and intimate wedding in Ottawa? Great choice!

But just because you’re planning a small wedding doesn’t mean that the venue should also be simple. It should be the opposite, in fact, as it only means you can do so much more without having to spend as much! 

So, to help you get a leg on all your wedding planning, we decided to pick our favorite small wedding venues in Ottawa! On top of that, we also made sure to include detailed descriptions of each venue, along with the available wedding spaces, amenities, and even guest capacity information.

Sounds good? Let’s get to it!

Table of Contents

1. Fairmont Château Laurier

First things first on this list of small wedding venues in Ottawa: the Fairmont Château Laurier! One of Canada’s national historic sites, the Château dates all the way back to 1912, where it has always stood in the heart of downtown Ottawa. And while it’s not the smallest wedding venue on this list, it still offers a blend of luxury and sophistication, perfect for that fairytale wedding you’re dreaming of!

One of the many rustic small wedding venues in Ottawa.

Wedding Spaces

  • The Grand Ballroom: A majestic space with high ceilings and crystal chandeliers, ideal for large wedding ceremonies and reception parties with your very own Ottawa wedding DJ. Guest capacity: Up to 200.
  • The Drawing Room: A more intimate setting with classic décor and views of Parliament Hill, suitable for smaller weddings. Guest capacity: Up to 60.

Wedding Amenities

  • Personalized wedding planning services to make your day easier
  • Gourmet catering options prepared by expert chefs 
  • Bridal suite for getting ready
  • On-site spa and beauty services for some pre- and post-wedding relaxation

2. Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa Culinary Arts Institute

According to studies, couples who share meals and/or eat together report happier marriages, so if you’re the type to appreciate fine cuisine, then Le Cordon Bleu is not only one of the best small wedding venues in Ottawa, but it also offers a culinary experience like no other. Plus, it features a charming setting, and who doesn’t want that for their wedding?

A small wedding venue in Ottawa booked at a hotel.

Wedding Spaces

  • The Grand Dining Room: A sophisticated space with French-inspired décor and a professional kitchen for culinary delights. Guest capacity: Up to 80.
  • The Conservatory: A cozy area with natural light and garden views, ideal for intimate ceremonies or cocktail receptions. Guest capacity: Up to 40.

Wedding Amenities

  • Customized menus and delicacies by professional Le Cordon Bleu chefs
  • Wine pairings and bar services
  • Professional event coordination to make your wedding planning stress-free 
  • Culinary workshops for guests, making for a very unique wedding experience

3. Strathmere

If you want a touch of mother nature for your big day, then you only need to visit Ottawa’s countryside to find Strathmere! Famed for its rustic charm and modern amenities, Strathmere provides you a nice slice of the great outdoors without having to travel far, making it one of our favorite small wedding venues in Ottawa.

Mr. and Mrs. chairs for a wedding.

Wedding Spaces

  • The Garden House: A picturesque indoor space with exposed beams and garden views, perfect for intimate ceremonies. Guest capacity: Up to 60.
  • The Lodge: A cozy retreat with a fireplace and outdoor terrace, ideal for small receptions or rehearsal dinners. Guest capacity: Up to 40.

Wedding Amenities

  • Outdoor ceremony sites with natural beauty thanks to the lush greenery
  • Farm-to-table dining options so you know all your food is fresh!
  • Accommodation for guests
  • On-site spa and wellness activities for some relaxing post-wedding activities

4. The National Arts Centre (NAC)

What’s even better than visiting the local arts center with your beloved? Well, getting married in it, of course! Now, if that sounds great to you, then you can easily make it happen by booking Ottawa’s very own National Arts Centre (NAC)! Perfect for couples who appreciate art and culture, the NAC offers a modern and artistic venue with stunning views of the cityscape and the Rideau Canal, making it one of our top small wedding venues in Ottawa.

A wedding in Ottawa set a small barnyard venue.

Wedding Spaces

  • The Panorama Room: A sleek and stylish space with floor-to-ceiling windows and panoramic views, perfect for urban weddings. Guest capacity: Up to 120.
  • The Salon: A chic and intimate setting with modern décor and artistic flair, suitable for smaller gatherings. Guest capacity: Up to 50.

Wedding Amenities

  • State-of-the-art audiovisual equipment for any wedding presentation you’re planning 
  • Customizable lighting options to make your event feel more unique 
  • Access to NAC performances and events for a more memorable experience
  • Valet parking services for easier parking

5. The Herb Garden

We all know that herbs are good for you, but what’s even better is being surrounded by them while you’re saying “I do” to your forever partner! And for that, we recommend Ottawa’s famous Herb Garden! Tucked away in a serene garden setting, this small Ottawa wedding venue offers a charming and whimsical atmosphere for couples looking for a natural and rustic wedding experience. The venue features lush gardens, quaint buildings, and personalized service.

One of our favorite historic small wedding venues in Ottawa.

Wedding Spaces

  • The Pavilion: An outdoor covered space surrounded by gardens, perfect for romantic ceremonies and receptions. Guest capacity: Up to 100.
  • The Barn: A rustic indoor venue with wooden beams and vintage charm, ideal for cozy gatherings. Guest capacity: Up to 60.

Wedding Amenities

  • Garden ceremonies with floral arrangements
  • Farm-fresh cuisine options for a fresh wedding dinner
  • Bonfire and s’mores for evening celebrations
  • Customizable décor packages for extra flexibility

6. The Courtyard Restaurant

Situated in the ByWard Market, The Courtyard Restaurant offers a blend of historic charm and modern elegance, all without charging you an arm and a leg for it! What’s more, the venue features a beautiful courtyard and versatile indoor spaces, perfect for intimate weddings with a touch of sophistication, so make sure your Ottawa wedding photographer is always ready to snap those moments!

A barnyard wedding.

Wedding Spaces

  • The Courtyard: An outdoor oasis with a charming fountain and greenery, ideal for romantic ceremonies and cocktail receptions. Guest capacity: Up to 80.
  • The Gallery: A refined indoor space with exposed brick walls and contemporary décor, suitable for elegant receptions. Guest capacity: Up to 60.

Wedding Amenities

  • Customized menus with local and seasonal ingredients
  • Cocktail bar and wine pairings
  • Professional event coordination
  • Complimentary parking for guests

Considerations and Tips for Choosing a Small Wedding Venue

One of our favorite waterfront small wedding venues in Ottawa.
  • Budget – First and foremost, determine how much you’re willing to shell out for your wedding! This way, you can avoid overspending, and you can easily zero in on the small wedding venues in Ottawa that can fit your budget.
  • Guest List – Once you have the budget down, consider the number of guests that you want to plan to invite. This way, you’ll be able to narrow down the best wedding venue much easier. Getting an accurate headcount will also help you budget your wedding expenses better.
  • Style and Theme – Want a themed wedding? Or looking to have a specific style for your big day? Well then, make sure you pick a wedding venue that compliments your vision, whether it’s classic, modern, rustic, or even themed, like a Hawaiian beachfront wedding!
  • Location and Accessibility – Choose a location that is convenient for you and your guests, with easy access to transportation and accommodation options, especially if you have plenty of guests that are coming from far away.

  • Amenities and Services – Look for venues that offer amenities such as catering, décor, entertainment, and event coordination to simplify the planning process. This way, you can focus on other aspects of the event better.
  • Personalization –  Seek venues that allow for personalization and customization to make your wedding day truly unique and reflective of your personalities.

Final Thoughts

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And that just about concludes it for our list of top small wedding venues in Ottawa! By considering these factors and exploring the diverse range of small wedding venues in Ottawa, you can find the perfect setting to celebrate your special day with elegance and style.

But just in case you already have found a venue but don’t have a wedding photographer yet to help you seal those memories forever, we at Photo Kings would love to extend a helping hand! 

As the largest photography provider in Ottawa, our team specializes in all sorts of events and gatherings, providing you state-of-the-art equipment, expert photographers, and leading customer service to cater to all of your photo needs. 

So, hit us up for a quote and our team will be right with you!

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