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6 Fun Stag Party Ideas In Winnipeg To Try Today!

Feb Cortes
Feb Cortes
DJ performing at a stag party.


About to get married? Congratulations! 

But just before you seal the deal with your beloved, it’s time for one final hurrah with the boys, and that means planning the best stag party ever! And just in case you’re looking to plan a celebration that breaks away from the traditional mold, then you’re in the right place! 

Because from adrenaline-pumping adventures to more laid-back and chill experiences, we’ve picked out six of our favorite stag party ideas in Winnipeg, complete with extra tips to make the most out of your experience!

So, what are you waiting for? Put on your best outfits and let’s go out tonight boys!

Table of Contents

1. Laser Tag Battle at U-Puttz Amusement Centre

Wanting to let off some steam while also having fun with your best buddies? If that’s the case, then we’re sure you’d love our first suggestion in this list of stag party ideas in Winnipeg: a laser tag battle! 

Adrenaline-fueled but still relatively safe (unless you start throwing the laser tag guns, which please don’t!), a laser tag battle is a fun way to bond with your buddies while also getting a good cardio workout! What’s more, there are plenty of establishments that offer it, but our favorite has to be the one in U-Puttz Amusement Centre for its convenience! So, wear your comfiest clothes and dive into immersive game scenarios in their state-of-the-art arena, perfect for competitive fun with your stag group!

Laser tag buddies is easily one of the best stag party ideas in Winnipeg.


  • Strategize and communicate effectively with your team to dominate the game and have your name on top of the leaderboards! 
  • Consider organizing a tournament with different game modes for added excitement and to help keep things fresh! 
  • Opt for loose and comfortable clothing you can run around in! Keep in mind that you’ll be moving, crawling, and jumping a lot! 
  • Cost: Approximately $15-$20 per person for a session of laser tag.

2. Culinary Adventure with a Chef's Table Experience

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach… So why not treat the hearts of all your buddies by going on a culinary adventure with them! Easily one of our favorite stag party ideas in Winnipeg (can’t you tell we’re all foodies too…), a chef’s table experience at a renowned Winnipeg restaurant is definitely the right move if you want to have a memorable night. 

Simply make sure that stomach is empty, and indulge in a curated menu of gourmet dishes paired with fine wines, hosted by a talented chef for an unforgettable experience. And you never know, you might even find another dish that you’d like to add to your own wedding buffet!

A food tour is also one of the most fun stag party ideas in Winnipeg to try.


  • Customize the menu based on dietary preferences and favorite cuisines of your group.
  • Enhance the experience with wine or cocktail pairings for each course.
  • Ask the chef (if possible!) to add personal touches on the dishes based on your preferences! 
  • Cost: Prices vary based on the restaurant and menu selection, typically ranging from $100-$150 per person for a multi-course meal with wine pairings.

3. Archery Tag Adventure at Adrenaline Adventures

Want to feel like a medieval archer fighting a dragon to defend the lovely princess a.k.a. Your wife-to-be? If so, then peep our next suggestion in this list of stag party ideas in Winnipeg: an archery adventure!

Sure, there’s no actual dragons (they’re only in your head, sadly), but Adrenaline Adventures still has plenty of activities that’s filled with action! Navigate through obstacle courses, aim for targets, and engage in friendly competition with your stag party in this unique outdoor setting, all while your Winnipeg photographer takes photos of you looking cool… or missing targets completely.

Archery is also one of the most stag party ideas in Winnipeg that's a go-to for many.


  • Wear comfortable athletic clothing and closed-toe shoes for agility during the activity.
  • Book a private session for exclusive use of the archery tag arena.
  • Do some warmup stretches before the game to make sure you don’t overextend your body! 
  • Cost: Around $25-$35 per person for an hour of archery tag, including equipment rental and safety briefing.

4. Whiskey Tasting and Cigar Pairing at a Speakeasy

Transport your stag party to the roaring ’20s with a private whiskey tasting and cigar pairing at a hidden speakeasy in Winnipeg. Explore the world of fine whiskeys and premium cigars in a sophisticated and secretive atmosphere. And hey, you might even find your next favorite drink, just make sure to do so responsibly!

A barkeep serving some whiskey.


  • Coordinate with the speakeasy for a customized tasting menu based on your whiskey preferences.
  • Enhance the ambiance with jazz music and vintage decor for a true speakeasy experience. Maybe even hire your own Winnipeg DJ for a more curated experience! 
  • Cost: Prices vary based on whiskey selection and cigar pairings, typically starting from $50-$75 per person for a tasting flight and cigar.

5. Virtual Reality Gaming at Ctrl V

Want something simple but also fun and memorable? Well then, put your gaming caps on (is that still a thing?) and dive into the immersive world of virtual reality gaming at Ctrl V. Choose from a wide selection of VR games and experiences, from thrilling adventures to multiplayer challenges, for a high-tech stag party experience, and make sure to commemorate the event by hiring a top photography service to take all your photos!

VR gaming is also a great way to spend a stag party.


  • Try a mix of single-player and multiplayer games to cater to different preferences within your group.
  • Have some friendly competition, and show off those awesome gamer moves! 
  • Capture memorable moments with photos or videos of your VR gaming sessions.
  • Cost: Prices range from $20-$30 per person for an hour of VR gaming, depending on the games chosen.

6. Outdoor Adventure with Axe Throwing and Zip Lining

Of course, we’ve saved for the last, so for our last suggestion in this list of stag party ideas in Winnipeg, it’s time to combine thrill and nature with some axe throwing and zip lining!! This is ideal if you don’t know what to bring to a bachelor party, because all you really need is your guts and yourself! (and possibly some comfy clothes too, of course).  Head to a local adventure park for a day filled with adrenaline-pumping activities and scenic views, and end the day with a few drinks at a nearby pub for a relaxing night.

Friends ziplining.


  • Follow safety instructions carefully during axe throwing and zip lining activities.
  • Bring snacks and beverages for a picnic-style lunch amidst the natural surroundings.
  • Cost: Approximately $50-$70 per person for a package including axe throwing, zip lining, and park access.

Final Thoughts

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And there you have it! Six of our favorite stag party ideas in Winnipeg for a memorable night with your buddies! As a celebration that doesn’t happen all that often, having a stag party with your closest friends is a real privilege, so make sure that yours counts, if only to make memories you’ll look back fondly on years from now!

 But just in case you’ve already picked out the activities but want something more extra to immortalize your memories, why not work with us here at Photo Kings! As the premier provider of photography services in Winnipeg, we specialize in providing expert photographers with high-quality equipment!

What’s more, all of our photography services come with our trademark customer service, so you can be taken care of long before the first photo is taken! 

So, make sure to hit us up today for a quote, and we’ll immediately get in touch with you! We can’t wait to hear from you!  

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