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5 Proposal Ideas in Toronto To Make Her Say “Yes!”

Feb Cortes
Feb Cortes
A proposal from a couple.


Well, look at you! Popping the big question, are we? 

Now, we totally get the whole “I’m feeling so nervous” thing, so how about we help send you on your way with our best proposal ideas in Toronto? 

That’s right! Because in a pretty city like Toronto, presentation can play a big part in your proposal in case you need some “backup.” So, to make sure everything is perfect when you finally get down on one knee, here are our 5 top proposal ideas in Toronto to make her say “yes!” (and look good while doing it) 

Let’s start!

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Why Toronto For Your Proposal?

Here are our favorite proposal ideas in Toronto.

Now, before we get to the nitty-gritty, why pick Toronto for your proposal? 

Well, aside from the fact that you’re already here (or maybe you’re planning to visit!), Toronto is famous for its lush greenery, bustling culture, stunning postcard-worthy cityscapes, world-class dining, and even the tallest free-standing structure on land outside of Asia, the CN Tower (in case you like towers, we do).

This means that wherever you decide to propose in Toronto, there’s a good chance that a brilliant backdrop will be playing as your wingman, making you look good as you pull out the ring! (perhaps you can also have a hidden photographer ready to capture the moment? *wink wink*) 

So, if you’re ready to plan the perfect proposal, grab a pen (or open your notepad app??) 

Proposal Ideas in Toronto 1: Skyline Serenade at the CN Tower

Proposal Ideas in Toronto 1: visit a tower together.

Told you we like the CN Tower… and it’s all for a good reason! After all, what better way to scope out the best of Toronto than from high up in the air? And if that’s not enough to take her breath away, then we’re sure getting down on one knee to pop the big question should do it! Now that’s smooth, real smooth! 

Here are some suggestions for this proposal idea:

  1. Begin your magical evening by booking a table at the CN Tower’s 360 Restaurant. Choose a time during sunset to make the mood as romantic as possible!
  2. Need an extra romantic touch? Why not consider hiring a musician or a small band to serenade you during dinner? Oh, and ask them to play your favorite song together! 
  3. Enlist a photographer to go ninja-mode and capture the big question without intruding on your privacy. Then, look back after some years and cry instantly. Yes. 

Pro Tip: Scout the area beforehand! A little goes a long way, and that includes checking the best spot to pop the question, coordinating with the staff to make sure they’re aware of the band you’re hiring (if you do decide to get one), and even making sure none of you are afraid of heights! 

Proposal Ideas in Toronto 2: Harbourfront Hot Air Balloon Ride

Proposal ideas in Toronto 2: Ride a hot air balloon together.

Want something fancier than a tower with a view? Well then, how about a hot air balloon ride so you can get ALL OF THE VIEWS? If you can, then a hot air balloon ride is definitely one of the most unique (and romantic!) proposal ideas in Toronto. 

After all, it’s not everyday you get to ask the love of your life to marry you while you’re hundreds of feet up in the sky! Talk about elevating your proposal game… literally.

  1. Start by booking a hot air balloon ride. This is available from several companies, and the price is well worth the experience! 
  2. Of course, reaching out to the hot air balloon company in advance to discuss your proposal plans is recommended! The only person you want to surprise is your partner, not the pilot too! 
  3. When the time (and view) is right, pop the question! Now that’s one way of really taking her breath away!

Pro Tip: Looking to celebrate the special moment once she finally says “yes?” Well then, make sure to bring a small picnic basket with some champagne and snacks. Picnic with a view, anyone? 

Proposal Ideas in Toronto 3: Distillery District Scavenger Hunt

Going on a scavenger hunt is also a good way to sneak in a proposal.

You know what’s better than a walk through the historic Distillery District? A scavenger hunt! And not just any scavenger hunt, but one where the real prize is her treasured “yes” once you find the perfect spot to pop the question. After all, she’s everything you’ve been looking for your whole life, right? 💕💕

  1. Start by making the personalized scavenger hunt pass through the charming cobblestone streets of the Distillery District. The hunt can be for “anything” (but really, it’s all about the proposal), as long as it sounds fun! 
  2. Coordinate with friends or family members to act as clue givers at each designated spot. Their involvement adds an element of surprise and excitement as your partner unravels the clues.
  3. Finally, pick a meaningful spot as the final destination for the hunt. This could be a romantic corner of the district or a secluded area where you can pop the question surrounded by the historic charm of the Distillery District.

Pro-tip: Keep the clues light-hearted and reflective of your relationship to make the scavenger hunt enjoyable and memorable! After all, you don’t want to end up stumping your partner with the clues! 

Proposal Ideas in Toronto 4: Toronto Islands Sunset Picnic

A couple spending time together at the Toronto Islands.

Want something more relaxing than being high up in clouds or going through a lengthy scavenger hunt? Well then, how about kicking back on a romantic ferry tour to the beautiful Toronto Islands? Once you arrive, take the time to explore around together through the pretty boardwalks, paths, and green spaces before sitting down on a bench and popping the big question (or perhaps by the water?), with the Toronto skyline and waters cheering you from behind! 

  1. Start by booking a ferry to the Toronto Islands. Just make sure to go early so you can avoid the crowds and have plenty of time to roam around! 
  2.  Upon arrival, find a secluded spot with a view of the Toronto skyline. Set up a blanket, candles, or fairy lights to create a warm and intimate atmosphere for your picnic.
  3. Whether you bring along a photographer or use a remote-controlled camera, ensure you capture the breathtaking moment as you propose against the backdrop of the setting sun and the city lights beginning to twinkle. If she doesn’t say yes, then we will! (but of course she will!)

Pro-tip: Make a day out of it! Include your partner’s favorite snacks and drinks in the picnic to make it more personal and enjoyable. You can even bring a guitar and serenade her with a song or two! 

Proposal Ideas in Toronto 5: High Park Cherry Blossom Canopy

A couple spending time together amid the cherry blossoms.

Toronto is a city known for its seasonal beauty, and in our opinion, it looks its prettiest during the cherry blossom season! So, if you want a sea of pink covering you and your beloved as you pop the big question, then you know what to do mate! 

  1. When planning your proposal, time it around late April to early May. As for location, we recommend High Park, where the cherry blossoms will create such a stunning canopy, you’ll feel like you’re in a Ghibli film while proposing! 
  2. Explore the park to find the perfect spot beneath the cherry blossoms. Consider areas near Grenadier Pond or the Hillside Gardens because again, presentation matters! 
  3. Out of all our proposal ideas, this one is the most picturesque (at least for us!) so make sure to bring a photographer or friend along to help capture the moment! 

Pro-tip: Check the bloom forecast to ensure you plan your proposal during the peak of cherry blossom season for the most breathtaking experience.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Proposal Idea 💍

A guy surprising his girlfriend with a proposal.
  • Reflect on Your Relationship – Start by reflecting on your relationship and considering which aspects are most meaningful to you. Think of your shared interests, favorite memories, and any significant locations to help with your proposal idea.
  • Consider Your Partner’s Preferences – Of course, make sure to take your partner’s personality and preferences into account as well. Do they like grand gestures? Or do they prefer something more intimate and private? Think about what would make your partner feel most comfortable and loved!

  • Think Outside the Box – Getting down on one knee is classic and timeless, but don’t be afraid to think out of the box! Consider your partner’s hobbies, favorite places, or unique experiences you’ve shared to create a proposal that is truly one-of-a-kind.

  • Capture the Moment – Like we already mentioned above, hiring a photographer or videographer can add a beautiful layer to your proposal, letting you look back at it for years to come!

  • Plan Ahead – Finally, always plan ahead! Remember that these proposal ideas in Toronto require careful planning and coordination. So, make the appropriate reservations, contact service providers, and ensure all logistics are in place well before the big day. You only get one shot at making it perfect! 

Final Thoughts

Man hiding ring for his proposal idea in Vancouver

That wraps it up for our favorite proposal ideas in Toronto! Whatever you decide to do, just remember that Toronto, with its scenic beauty, cultural richness, and diverse offerings, provides the perfect canvas for a romantic proposal.

And by personalizing the experience and considering your partner’s preferences, you can create a proposal that not only captures the essence of your relationship but also sets the stage for a wonderful memory! 

But just in case you need some extra help in making your proposal more memorable, why not work with our photographers here at Photo Kings? As a premier provider of photography services in Canada, our team here at Photo Kings have tons of experiences under our collective belts, and we’re more than ready to help bring all your photo ideas to life!

Of course, all our services also come at great rates, and our customer service will always put you first. So, hit us up for a quote today and we can start planning your dream proposal asap!

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