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10 Creative Poses For The Best Waterfall Engagement Photos

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A couple taking waterfall engagement photos.


Recently said the big “yes!” to your man? Well then, congratulations! And get dressed, because we’re celebrating with an engagement photoshoot! 

Now, we know there’s the wedding planning to think of, but that can wait for at least another day, because now’s the perfect time to freeze this moment in time forever~ (we mean like, in photos… not literally)

And where else to take a great engagement photoshoot than at a waterfall! Between the soothing sound of water, the lush greenery, and the energy of the place, we’re sure your waterfall engagement photos will be one for the books.

But just in case you’re not quite sure how to pose for your waterfall engagement pictures, we also included some of our favorite couple poses, as well as some tips and tricks to enhance the experience.

Alright, let’s start!

Table of Contents

1. Waterfall Embrace

Let’s start with an easy but VEEERYY powerful shot: an embrace while standing in close proximity to the waterfall. Just hug your partner tenderly (either face-to-face or with your back to him) and feel the loud and crashing sound of the water behind you.

Not only is this one of the quintessential waterfall engagement photos, but the waterfall itself serves as a metaphor for the unstoppable force and strength of your commitment! 

2. Dancing In The Mist

Here’s another one of our favorite poses for engagement photos at a waterfall: dancing in the mist! The movement of the water, combined with the natural movement of the couple, creates a dynamic and lively photo.

It’s also a carefree and candid pose, which adds to the overall emotion of the picture. If you want, you can even splash around with your partner in the water. Your photoshoot, your rules!

3. Close-Up Intimacy

For a more intimate and romantic shot, focus on close-up shots of you and your partner. You can share a gentle whisper, a sweet kiss ❤️, or even gaze into each other’s eyes, all while the waterfall serves as a dreamy and blurred backdrop.

With this kind of pose, you can emphasize yourselves as a couple while also maintaining the presence of the waterfall in the frame! All that makes it one of our favorite poses for waterfall engagement photos!

4. Adventurous Exploration

Of course, just because we’re taking waterfall engagement pictures doesn’t mean that every photo needs to have the waterfall in the background. Instead, encourage your partner to explore the surrounding area with you while hand in hand! Are there rock formations? Little pools of calm water? Patches of nice greenery and flowers? Or maybe there’s a spot that your partner can climb! (men like climbing things and we can’t explain why)

Either way, just ask your photographer to follow you around and take candid shots of you as a couple having a mini adventure!

A couple at the waterfall.

5. Silhouette Shot

If you stay there long enough, you can also utilize the natural lighting of the sunset or sunrise to create stunning silhouette shots. Simply position yourselves against the backdrop of the waterfall, allowing your outlines to be illuminated by the warm, golden hues of the sky. Adding a touch of mystique and drama to your waterfall engagement photos, it’s definitely one of our favorite #instagramworthy moments.

6. Waterfall Reflections

Another easy pose for engagement photos at a waterfall is to use its calm pools to take photos of your reflections! Just position yourselves near the water’s edge and use the stillness of the water to strike a natural pose, like another embrace or a kiss. their love mirrored in the stillness of the water (or if you want to get silly, pretend you’re trapped in the water! Because why not!)

7. Aerial Perspectives

If possible, ask your photographer to use drone shots or elevated vantage points to take photos from an aerial perspective! What’s particularly great about this is that the perspective allows for more creative composition, while the higher angles can drastically increase the size and scale of the photos. Additionally, it’s also a great way to shake things up for your waterfall engagement photos.

8. On The Way

Who says you can only take your waterfall engagement pictures when you’re already at the waterfall? We’re sure the trek to get there is just as fun, so why not take photos right from the start? This means that aside from engagement photos at the waterfall, you also get some great hiking photos together!

9. Turn Around

For another perspective, switch places with the photographer and look for a nice spot with the waterfall in front of you instead! During sunny days, taking photos from this angle will bounce all the light and colors from the water to you and your partner, leading to more dynamic shots.

10. Funny Poses

Finally, have fun! Not all of your waterfall engagement photos have to be sweet and/or romantic. Take some silly and goofy pictures too. Trust us, you and your partner will thank yourselves later!

An engaged couple at a waterfall.

Tips For Preparing For And During The Waterfall Engagement Photoshoot

  • Scout The Location: Start by visiting the location in advance to familiarize yourself with the surroundings and identify potential photo spots. Now’s also a good time to take note of the best times for lighting and the weather forecast! Of course, bringing waterproof gear is always recommended.
  • Communicate With Your Photographer: We also recommend discussing your vision with your photographer before the actual shoot. Here, you can share inspiration photos, preferences, and comfort. Additionally, a good photographer will also provide suggestions and wardrobe choices that will complement the natural setting.
  • Safety First: Next is to stay safe! Keep in mind that waterfalls have plenty of slippery surfaces, so make sure you always have stable footing. Additionally, consider how physically capable you are as a couple, a stick to poses that are comfortable and safe!

  • Accessories And Props: You can also shake things up at your waterfall engagement photoshoot by bringing props and accessories! Great examples include blankets, umbrellas, and the like. Of course, make sure you don’t overcrowd your photos with props, so the focus stays with you, your partner, and the waterfall.
  • Timing Is Key: When you’re having a photoshoot outside, always keep in mind that timing is everything. Ideally, you want to maximize the sunlight, but also take advantage of the golden hour. Alternatively, you can also pick the sunrise to take your waterfall engagement photos, but only if you’re a morning person!
  • Have Fun: This is essentially the same as our last tip above, but again, remember to have fun! By relaxing and letting loose a little during the photoshoot, you’ll make it so much easier for your photographer to capture your genuine emotions and expressions! 
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Final Thoughts

And that about wraps it up for our favorite poses to take the best waterfall engagement photos! 

Whether you’ve had a photoshoot before or this is your first time posing in front of the camera with your loved one, we hope our list has been helpful to you! 

And once you’ve checked all the poses you want and picked a day for the photoshoot, why not reach out to us at PhotoKings.ca

As experts behind the camera with years of professional experience under our belts, we offer meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to making you satisfied as our customer. We also know to have fun! Because taking your waterfall engagement photos should be very enjoyable for you as a couple.

Simply call us at 1 (800) 496-3379 and we’ll immediately be in touch to plan your wonderful engagement photoshoot. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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