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10 Best Engagement Photo Locations In Calgary

Kim Argosino
Kim Argosino
The beach is a great engagement photo location in Calgary


First off, a massive congratulations on your engagement—cue the confetti, pop the champagne, and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime! 

Now that you’ve said “yes” to forever, it’s time to capture that joy with some stunning engagement photos. And lucky for you, we’ve got the ultimate insider’s guide to the 10 best engagement photo locations In Calgary. 

Dive into our list to explore the best spots for you and your partner. 

Table of Contents

1. High Park

High Park is a great engagement photo location in Calgary

Let’s talk about a hidden gem right in the heart of downtown Calgary – High Park. Picture this: you’re six storeys high, perched atop the City Centre Parkade. What do you see? Vibrant picnic tables, colorful parking spots, and positive messages everywhere! If you’re a couple who’s all about fun, color, and a hint of quirkiness, High Park is calling your names. It’s like stepping into a wonderland for your engagement photoshoot!

2. Inglewood

Couple dressed in pink for their engagement photoshoot in Calgary

Welcome to Calgary’s OG neighborhood – Inglewood! This place is filled with charm and character, nestled snugly along the Bow River. Think historic vibes mixed with natural beauty. From the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary to the Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery, every nook and cranny screams “photo-worthy!” Get ready to immerse yourselves in old-world charm and capture some seriously magical moments in Inglewood. And hey, if you’re scouting for wedding photography services, you’ve stumbled upon a goldmine of inspiration right here!

3. Chinatown’s Graffiti Alley

Couple kissing during their engagement in Calgary

Ready to add a splash of color and culture to your engagement photos? Look no further than Chinatown’s Graffiti Alley! This hidden gem is bursting with vibrant street art murals that’ll make your pictures pop. Let your love story take center stage against a backdrop of urban art and cultural richness. Get ready to bring some serious flair to your engagement shoot!

4. Okotoks Big Rock

Man hugging his wife for a photo shoot

Just a hop, skip, and a jump south of Calgary lies the legendary Okotoks Big Rock – a true geological marvel! This behemoth boulder has been chilling there for thousands of years, thanks to some ancient glaciers. Talk about history, right? It’s the perfect spot for a rustic and intimate engagement shoot. So, embrace the beauty of nature and let the romance flow at Okotoks Big Rock. And if you’re on the lookout for the perfect photographer for weddings, this natural wonder might just be the backdrop you’ve been dreaming of!

5. North Glenmore Park Boat Launch

Couple smiling at the camera for their engagement

Who says a boat launch can’t be romantic? Head over to North Glenmore Park and prepare to be wowed! Rustic boats bobbing gently on the Elbow River, the sun setting in the background – could it get any dreamier? This spot is all about turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. So, grab your partner, strike a pose, and let the magic unfold!

6. Platform Innovation Centre

Platform is a great engagement photo location in Calgary

Alright, picture this: you’re smack dab in Calgary’s buzzing East Village at the Platform Innovation Centre. What’s the vibe? Modern, trendy, and oh-so-chic! And the view? It’s like a postcard, with the Calgary Tower and the Bow Building towering in the backdrop. Let the city lights amp up the romance as you strike a pose against that iconic skyline. It’s urban vibes meets love story magic at this city engagement location hotspot!

7. Botanical Gardens of Silver Springs

Couple hugging after their engagement in Calgary

Welcome to paradise, lovebirds! The Botanical Gardens of Silver Springs are bursting with life, and it’s the perfect spot for some seriously romantic engagement photos. Think lush greenery, blooming flowers, and that sweet scent of nature in the air. Whether you’re into bold sunflowers or delicate roses, this place has got you covered. Get ready to get lost in the beauty of it all and capture some memories that’ll make your heart skip a beat!

8. Fish Creek Provincial Park

Girl on a piggyback ride on her partner

Nature lovers, this one’s for you! Dive into the stunning beauty of Fish Creek Provincial Park for an engagement photoshoot like no other. Picture this: tree-lined pathways, serene ponds, and the soothing sound of waterfalls in the background. It’s like stepping into a fairytale! So, grab your partner’s hand, soak in the tranquility, and let Mother Nature work her magic on your love story. And when it comes to capturing these enchanting moments, only the best Calgary wedding photographers can truly do justice to the breathtaking scenery.

9. Confederation Park

Guy kissing his partner on the cheeks

Calling all dreamers and romantics! Confederation Park is your ticket to a fairytale forest adventure. Towering trees, babbling brooks, and charming wooden bridges set the stage for some seriously enchanting engagement photos. Get ready to wander hand in hand, lose yourselves in nature’s beauty, and capture moments that’ll make you believe in happily ever afters.

10. Bowness Park

Couple embracing for their engagement shoot in Calgary

Ah, Bowness Park – where the Bow River’s beauty meets romance! Picture this: stunning views, tranquil waters, and you two lovebirds stealing glances on a park bench. It’s like a scene straight out of a romance movie! Whether you’re cuddling up or taking a leisurely stroll, every moment at Bowness Park feels like pure magic. So, let nature be your backdrop and your love story shine with breathtaking mountain engagement photos!

How To Choose The Best Calgary Engagement Photo Spots

With so many beautiful locations in Calgary, how do you choose the perfect spot? Don’t worry, we have you covered! Here’s a handy guide to help you pick the best Calgary engagement photo spots that suit your style and personality.

A field of flowers is a great engagement photo location in Calgary

Consider Your Style

First things first, think about your style as a couple. Are you urbanites who love the hustle and bustle of city life? Or perhaps you’re nature enthusiasts who feel most at home surrounded by trees and wildlife. Whatever your style, there’s a perfect spot in Calgary for you.

Consider the Season

Another factor to consider when choosing your engagement photo spot is the season. Calgary experiences all four seasons in full force, so think about what backdrop will complement the time of year. For example, the vibrant colors of fall make places like Nose Hill Park and Bowness Park especially picturesque. On the other hand, winter provides a magical backdrop for outdoor winter engagement photos at locations like Prince’s Island Park or Weaselhead Flats.

Think About Accessibility

When choosing your engagement photo spot, don’t forget to consider accessibility. Choose a location that’s easy to get to and navigate, especially if you’re planning on wearing fancy shoes or bringing props along for the shoot. Look for spots with ample parking and well-maintained pathways to ensure a smooth and stress-free photoshoot experience.

Think Outside the Box

Sure, iconic landmarks like the Calgary Tower and Prince’s Island Park are popular choices for engagement photos – and for good reason! But don’t be afraid to think outside the box and explore lesser-known gems. From colorful graffiti alleys to charming local cafes, Calgary is full of hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. Get creative and consider unconventional spots that reflect your unique love story.

Consult with Your Photographer

Last but not least, don’t forget to consult with your photographer when choosing your engagement photo spot. They’re the experts when it comes to lighting, composition, and finding the perfect backdrop for your photos. Share your vision with them, and they’ll be able to recommend a premier wedding photography in Calgary, aligning the locations with your style and personality seamlessly.

Final Thoughts

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When it comes to Calgary’s best engagement photo spots, remember: the city is your playground! Dive into its urban jungles, bask in its natural havens, or dance along its colorful streets—it’s all fair game for your love story’s backdrop.

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